The idea of Hospice Kigezi first came to light when Hospice Africa Uganda provided home based palliative care to the late Kampikaho John for three and a half years. He was a resident of the area where Hopice Kigezi is established. He had prostate cancer, dementia and high blood pressure. He had to be moved to and live in Kampala, 400 Kilometers away from his home, in order to access palliative care. He lived a quality life till he passed on.

The Kigezi region comprises the districts of Kabale, Rukungiri, Kanungu and Kisoro with a polulation of more than 1 million people. We estimate that about 50000 people require palliative care. These include cases of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes Mellitus, Elderly, Disabled and others.

Palliative care is now provided at Mbarara and Hoima centers. These are outside the Kigezi region. There is a great need for a palliative care center in the Kigezi region. Initially, Hospice Kigezi will start as a fully fledged service delivery static center at Kibale village, Mparo parish, Rwamucucu sub-county, Rukiga county, Kabale District. Later, branches will be opened in Kisoro, Kanungu and Rukungiri districts, and community-based care (Home-based) will also be established.