Hospice Kigezi was established by Mr. Nuwagaba Benedict (Palliative Care Specialist), Mr. Ntale Juma (Health Systems Manager) and Dr. Kampikaho Alex (Public Health Specialist) with the mission, vision and objectives as shown below.


Improve quality of life of the chronically ill through providing affordable and accessible healthcare and be an important player in the healthcare system for the chronically ill in Uganda and else where.


To provide quality healthcare to the chronically ill in conformity with the national health guidelines through well equipped and resourced static and community based healthcare system which collaborates with other healthcare institutions in Uganda and else where.

The main specific objectives are:

  • To provide pain management for the chronically ill patients
  • To offer counseling services to chronically ill patients and their family members
  • To manage complications of heart diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes, alcoholism, and other debilitating diseases
  • To link chronically ill patients and their families to other support organizations
  • To treat secondary infection and other complications in terminally ill patients